National Drumming Day is Nov. 15. Open to meet our drum instructors.
November 2019 Newsletter

Are we drumming you crazy?

Good, because National Drumming Day is Nov. 15th. We have featured our drum instructors in this issue of Music News.


To celebrate National Drumming Day on Nov. 15, we’re paying tribute to those musicians who like to rhythmically beat on things with sticks! Take note all past and future drum students: Music Compound is offering 5% off the month of November when you sign up for drum lessons today.

One of the oldest instruments, according to, drums are thought to date from as early as 6,000 B.C., as scientists have discovered cave drawings of Native Peruvians with drums from the neolithic time period. However, the modern drum kit as we know it today is only about a century old. In 1918, the Chicago-based Ludwig Drum Company debuted the Jazz-Er-Up, an all-in-one set with a single bass drum and pedal, a snare, two cymbals and a woodblock.

Check out some of the most inspirational drummers in three different genres here:

At Music Compound, we’re all about getting musicians to play with other musicians.

There’s an old adage among band musicians who play together that underscores just how important the drums are to an ensemble: Pair a great band with a mediocre drummer, and you have a mediocre band. Pair a poor band with a great drummer, and the band will most likely at least be good. This is how impactful well-played drums can be.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right teacher!

Music Compound employs five drum instructors. Each one has their own background, specialty and personality. What genres or techniques interest you?

Jared - Jared has been with Music Compound for more than three years now. He started drumming as a boy with his father and never stopped! He has played drums professionally at a variety of venues over the past 15 years. As a teacher, Jared is well-versed in many styles. Outside of private lessons, he teaches several student bands and will have you jamming with others in no time. You can find him playing gigs around town with his original psychedelic/acid rock trio, Auto Kania.
Aaron - Aaron joined the Music Compound team almost two years ago. He started playing drums at the age of 10, after seeing “That Thing You Do,” a 1996 Tom Hanks film about a small-town band achieving big-time success when they release a Beatles-esque pop song in 1964. Aaron teaches jazz, rock and pop, focusing on basic beats that work with many different tunes. He uses marching band-style snare drum exercises to develop stick dexterity and hand control. Aaron graduated from Milwaukee-Area Technical College (MATC), majoring in five instruments (including drums) and music production.
Ben - Ben started playing the drums as a kid after feeling a little burnt out on piano. He began drumming at home and in his church. When he started high school, he tried out for the school marching band, which initiated a love and passion for playing with others. Ben had played before in a band setting, but was especially drawn toward the collectiveness that comes with everyone playing together in a marching band. As a teacher, Ben makes sure his students understand how the music comes together in pieces to make a whole exceeding the sum of its parts.

James - James was born in New Orleans and began his career in church. He has played with such industry luminaries as the Allman Brothers. Specializing in jazz and funk drumming, James is the perfect teacher for anyone wanting to take his or her playing to the next level. You can see James in action Tuesday nights at Burns Court.
Johnnie - Johnnie is actually a bass player first and a drummer second. But with his great feel for rhythm and love of music, he makes a great drum instructor. Johnnie has been playing music for years and recently started his own band, The Barker Project. You can find them playing original music around town. Johnnie draws inspiration from funk, jazz and gospel music, making for a fun and unique sound. As an instructor, he has a full-picture approach. Johnnie teaches both the skills needed to play drums and how to play well with others.
Event Spotlight: 23rd annual Giving Hunger the Blues

Please note: Music Compound Student Bands will be performing on the 15th, opening for Jah Movement! For more information on this fundraising event, click here.  The Kickoff Party is November 8th at Loaded Cannon Distillery.
Student Spotlight: Charlie Hull
Charlie Hull has been coming to Music Compound for about a year, initially bringing his two granddaughters (4 and 5 years old) to piano lessons. He decided he might as well take piano lessons too, so that, at the very least, he can help his granddaughters. And, best-case scenario, they’ll be able to play some stuff together. “What a great way to spend some time,” Charlie says of learning to play the piano. “It’s physical. You have to use all your facilities and concentrate. It’s really been nice.”

Miss Mary is Charlie’s piano instructor. “She’s really, really good. She does a great job,” he says. “I really like the way she teaches. She’s very knowledgeable. I’m learning a lot. I started off not even being able to get my fingers around the piano. It’s coming along … slowly … little bits at a time.”

Charlie’s family is extremely musical. His son plays guitar and piano, his daughter plays the flute and his son-in-law plays violin. For his birthday, Charlie asked them to play “Danny Boy” for him. He’s hoping to be able to jam with his family, and is trying to get everyone together for the holidays to play Christmas songs.

It’s all about collaboration: Bringing the family closer through the power of music!

Give the gift of music!
For more information, visit Music Compound online, and call 941-379-9100.
Final drum roll for CPC Drumline
To commemorate the 40th year of the Child Protection Center, Music Compound has committed to raising $10,000 for CPC by November. You can donate to CPC by clicking here and selecting Music Compound founder Jenny Townsend (pictured above) as captain. We are $7,000 from our goal. We are counting on our music community to help us drum up funds.  Please consider.

Donate $25, 100, or $2,500. 

Jenny is hoping to find 6 people to match her personal $1,000 donation.
Will you be one of them? 

November Events: MC performers at the below events.

11/1/2019 Tatum Ridge Carnival, 4-7 pm @ Tatum Ridge Elementary (TODAY)

11/6/2019 Listening Room, Christian Lopez, 7:30-9:00 pm @ MC.
                 For info, email

11/8/2019 Giving Hunger the Blues Kickoff Party 5:30-8:30 pm
                @ Loaded Cannon Distillery (LWR)

11/10/2019 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, 8-10 am 
                @ Nathan Benderson Park

11/10/2019 MC formal recital, 1-3 pm @ MC  (Registration still open)
11/15/2019 Giving Hunger the Blues (MC Student Rock Bands Performing)
                   5-7 pm @ Polo Fields  (LWR)

11/16/2019 Giving Hunger the Blues, all day @ The Sarasota Polo Fields
11/16/2019 Doctor Idol (Electric Church Band competing) 7-11 pm
                  @ White Buffalo

Our team hopes to see our fans at the above events!

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